F. PARODI Own Brand
Luxury and Sophistication are PARODI'S PASSION Synonymous

PARODI'S PASSION is a Portuguese brand, created by F. PARODI. While the product design
are concentrated in Firenze (Italy), the production is divided between Portugal, Italy and Brazil.

2 lines:
PARODI'S PASSION | Dancing in the Rain:
100% produced in Italy, according to the most advanced method of production, there is no "collages," which makes it tougher, more durable and esthetically attractive.


Produced in the domestic market, Italy and Brazil. With the use of noble materials, including unique applications, highlighting the jumps design.
There are models for the modern women, elegant and sophisticated, but also models more irreverent, fun and colorful. The brand distinguishes itself by offering this style duality, always glamorous...

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